Land clearing is when the trees, vegetation, stumps, and roots are all removed from the land or parts of the land. The clearing can be done in a variety of ways and the amount of land that needs to be cleared can vary.

Land clearing services projects to clear your land are necessary for things like preparing a site for new construction. It can also help remove invasive vegetation, so clearing the land can allow natural species to regrow in the cleared land. 

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You don’t need to be clearing huge acres of land. Land clearing can be helpful if you’re wanting to clear a path on your property or add a small garage or outbuilding on your residential or commercial properties.


When you need land cleared, your first thought might be to just cut down the trees yourself. That can help remove small trees, but heavy equipment will be needed to fully clear your land. Renting this equipment may be an option in your area, but can get very expensive. It can also be dangerous to use stump removal grinders, bulldozers, and excavators.

Hiring a professional company to handle your land clearing project can be a very worthwhile investment. Our company provides a free estimates to our customers so we can get a clear understanding of exactly what you need on your land clearing job site. 

Locally owned companies are familiar with the area, including the trees and plants growing in the area. They’ll be able to tell you what’s native and what species are invasive to your area. 

Having one company take care of the job site gives you one point of contact. They can take care of permitting, land clearing, debris removal, and backfilling and grating.

In addition to tree services as part of land clearing, Jaguar Land Clearing also offers other services to remove unwanted vegetation after clearing land. Debris and brush removal can be done by hauling it off in dump trucks or even using a controlled burn method.

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Clearing Services

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Tree Removal
Root Raking
Forestry Mulching
Permitted Burning
Debris Removal
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Hunting Access Lanes
Backfill and Grading


When you’re shopping for land for your new home or business, you are probably looking for the best deal in the best location. Buying a wooded lot with trees that haven’t been cleared can be cheaper than land that’s already been cleared. It can also be nice to have established trees on your property if you’re not going to clear all the land.  

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If you’re putting in a pool or building your home or business on a piece of land with trees, underbrush, and overgrown vegetation, you’ll need to clear the land to begin your construction project. Clearing the land completely can remove roots from the ground to be sure you’re not going to have issues running into tree roots during the building process. 

Rock removal is another reason to clear land. Large rocks and boulders can get in the way of your site preparation. When looking for a company to do land clearing, make sure they’ve got the equipment to meet your needs.


Every land clearing project is different, so there’s no one set cost to clear land. There are a lot of different factors to consider when providing a quote for cleaning land. Some of them are: 

How the land will be cleared.
How much land will be cleared.
The number of trees removed.
Tree stumps that need to be removed. 
Existing structures to work around.
How debris will be removed.
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To provide the most accurate free estimate, we need to come out and look at the location of the land you’d like to clear as well as what’s currently on the land. Hiring a locally owned land clearing service that provides quality tree service can save you time and money on your land clearing project. 

Before having someone come out and look at your property, take time to walk the land yourself to know what needs to be cleared. Make note of any bigger things that will need to be cleared. 

Also, have an idea of how much land you’re looking to clear. Is the land you’re clearing near any existing structures? What will need to be done with the land once it’s cleared? Will you need things like a foundation dug?  

Land clearing can take some time, so reach out to our land clearing professionals and get a free estimate so your project can stay on track.


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